11 Civil War Letters, Brothers, 1 Yank, 1 Reb , Louisville, Battle Content

11 Civil War Letters between two brothers from Louisville, Ky. Also letters from Cousins.  Fred Gans was in the 5th Battery Arkansas Light Artillery. He enlisted in 1861 & was POW at Vicksburg, Miss. Have copies of Parole & some day by day reports. By the letters he was back home in Aug. of 1863. His brother John W. Gans was in the Union Kentucky 1st Light Artillery. He enlisted in 1861 & was killed at Battle of Franklin, Tn. 1864. There a few letters from there cousin William Snider. He was in the Kentucky 5th Infantry & was mustered out in late 1864. He writes to both brothers & gives a full account of his units fighting at the battle Chickamauga. Both brothers write & the Union brother ask in one letter if his brother was paroled at Vicksburg. John Gans writes a short account from Murfreesboro, Tn. about the fight with Rebs at the Stones River Bridge & mentions skirmishes in several letters. He is in trouble a few times being Awol. Even tells about him getting a court martial. He reinlist in 1864 & later in the year killed in action. Fred the Reb writes about things in Louisville & friends of his brothers & what is going on in Louisville. Cousin William tells Fred in one letter that he was opposed to the principals which he was fighting in the Confederacy & that he was inclined to believe that Fred didn't join the Confederate army very willingly. Another cousin writes a short letter. The two brothers are not the best writers & can't spell very well but are readable. I transcribed all the letters. There is one envelope to Borther Fred in Louisville & mailed in Dec. of 1864 after brother John's death. No letter inside but was either a letter that John had written before death or Officer's of the 1st Ky. Artillery writing to tell of John's death. There is one letter which looks to be written pretty much in German. Can read Perryville & Cumberland Gap. Great Civil War letters from two brothers one North & one South, battle content & letters from two Ky units fighting in the War. Still researching on these.