CS, Boyle, Gamble & MacFee Enlisted Cavalry Sword/Scabbard

Nice Civil War Confederate enlisted Cavalry Sword mfrd by Boyle, Gamble & MacFee Richmond, Va. 41" overall sword with 34 1/2" slightly curved, hammered Blade. Blade is dark with S& P rusting as to being in a barn or attic over all the years. Nice mellow dark patina on the brass guard with the bottom cupped a characteristic of the Boyle, Gamble & MacFee cavalry swords. Brass Branched guard good few casting flaws as the pommel & cap. Around 50% of the original thin leather wood grip cover is intact & all of the single strand copper wire wrap is also intact. Sword is in iron scabbard with iron mounts, throat & drag & a few small dents. Sword fits scabbard very well. A lot of these B&G & MacFee swords were in leather scabbards which didn't hold up well in the war time conditions so who knows when this scabbard was added. A definitely war used Confederate Boyle, Gamble & MacFee enlisted Cavalry sword with scabbard.

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