`1st Model Colt Martial, Black Navy Navy Revolver

Nice condition on this early 1st Model Colt Black Navy Navy, Martial Revolver. Standard 6 shot, .36 Cal. Percussion revolver with 7 1/2" octagon barrels. These colt navy revolvers were the result of a contract between Colt & Bureau of Ordnance ( U.S. Navy) & have the US Gov't martial marks on the guns. Serial no. on this black navy is 62184, all matching, & came out  of Colt's factory to the US Gov't in 1856. U.S stamp under the colt patent stamp on left side of frame. It also has the Gov't P stamp on frame, M stamp on side of trigger guard & Has the large U*S*N stamp of butt & the large inspectors stamp of S*C*R (S.C. Rowan, CDR USN) & I stamp on butt of wood grip. This revolver also has the * stamp on front of cylinder which, according to Swayze's Navy book indicates US Gov't  ownership. The barrel has the Colt New York City address. Metal is smooth on this US Black Navy Navy revolver & has a traces of dark finish throughout. These Navies had the London style iron backstraps &  large iron triggerguards. Wood grips have great dark patina. Serial nos. on barrel, frame, trigger guard, cylinder rod, wedge, loading lever & whats left of the no. on the cylinder. The cylinder has traces of the scene intact. & shows a period repair. Action is great on this colt Navy. These Black navy revolvers were used before & during the American Civil War & getting scarce in all original condition. An all original Early M1851 Black Navy Navy, Martial revolver.