2nd Model, CS, LeMat Two Barrel Revolver SOLD!!!!

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Price: $13 500.00

Really nice condition on this Civil War LeMat Two Barrel revolver. This is a second model LeMat Revolver with round trigger guard, full 6 1/2" octagonal barrel & loading lever assemby on the left side. Standard 9 shot cylinder in .42 cal & also a 5" smoothbore barrel in .63 cal. for firing buckshot. All matching serial nos. 1822 on all major parts & also on ejector slide & on some screws. Nice condition on the checkered walnut grips. Flashes of blue on various parts of the revolver. Top of barrel marked with: SYSt. LeMat BTE s.g. d.g. PARIS & on the side of barrel mked: 1822 & Star over LM.  Other initials markings on various other parts. Action if great on this Confederate LeMat. Smooth metal & nice patina on this revolver. The LeMat revolver was invented by Dr. LeMat of Paris & was later aided by P.T.G Beauregard in developing Mfr & sales in the US. Substantial nos. of these LeMats were purchased under CS Contracts in the Civil War. Some of the noted Officers that had these revolvers were JEB Stuart, Major Henry Wirtz of Andersonville, Gen. Braxton Bragg, Gen. Beauregard, Capt. J.N. Maffitt of the CS raider Florida & many others. A really unique & famous Handgun used by the Confederates during the Civil War.