9th Plate Ambro, CS Officer, Missing Legs, Double Cased with Daughter & ?

9th Plate Ambrotype of CS Officer missing legs at above the knees. The image has some thin dark areas but soldier can be seen clearly in uniform & Kepi & looks to have a knife in scheath on his belt. The plate had a area of breakage at the top left corner which was easily glued back & did not effect the image at all. on the back of the image is an old paper which has name of James Lee & some writing below which looks like Co. H & other writing. The image is in a double Gutta Percha case with tintype of very young girl in Civil War period clothing. This image is very clear. Behind the soldiers image when I removed from the case is another tintype image of another young girl. I don't have a clue on this image other than could be another daughter. When I got this dble image I did not know about the soldier not haveing any legs below the knees until I took the image out of the case & out of the matting which covered this. The man I got this image from never takes the images out of the cases so he had no idea either. There is no doubt this soldier is missing both legs below the knees & his uniform was sewn to cover the ends of his legs. I'm attaching pictures to show this. This image even with the problems of some thin darkness is a very rare Confederate image. I'm still trying to do research on this image.