A True Battle Worn 1863 Confederate Richmond Rifled Musket

A real Confederate 1863 Richmond, Va. Rifled Musket. This Confederate 3 banded Rifled musket seen a lot of the elephant during the War of Northern Aggression. This 1863 dated musket was one of the rifled muskets made at the Richmond arsenal made up of Richmond made parts, not one of the earlier Richmond muskets made up from the parts captured at Harpers Ferry. Standard percussion .58 cal. Richmond musket. Nice well used musket with all Richmond parts except for the crudely made replacement ramrod & what I really like is the period replaced hammer in which they had to lower the top of the higher hump on the lock plate to make it fit.  This shows what the South had to do in later part of the war when they had to replace parts on their weapons either from battlefield pickup parts or from captured weapons. The lock plate is stamped with C.S. Richmond Va & 1863 behind the hammer. Wood stock on this Richmond shows a lot of use & wear but is full length with no brakes. The stock has quite a burn out behind the hammer & nipple area showing a lot of battle use.There is a small crack behind the hammer & lock plate but still is solid. There is no Maynard cutout behind the lock plate in stock.  No US inspectors mks on stock & has the straight ramrod channel. The back stock has a larger WL initials carved into it & on the other side is more letters in another name. On top of the wrist looks to be a 17 carved. The barrel on this Richmond is in VG used condition with just trace of the proofs intact. The Rear sight is missing but the channel for it in the barrel is completely Richmond. Front sight is intact. Correct Brass butt Plate & brass nose cap with nice mellow patina & has both sling swivels intact. All metal parts on this CS Richmond have nice consistant patina through out. Action still works good  & the bore on this CS Veteran is well worn. A nice old Confederate survior true Richmond which seen a lot of use during the Civil War.