All Original,Confederate Saddle Pommel shield Grouping

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Price: $2 000.00

Nice & rare grouping of all original Confederate Saddle Pommel shields dug in Virginia.  Both cavalry & artillery shields in this grouping. The wider CS shield with embossed CS & with strap slot is the standard cavalry model but this one is the rarer shield made of zinc instead of brass. There are two of the artillery style shields with embossed CS on them. Both are made of brass. One has the very bottom tip seperate which is an easy fix. These type shields have also been found on cavalry saddles. One plain cavalry style pommel shield which has GT+4N  12-1-76 on the back from the digger has the cavalry style slot for straps. The rarest of all the saddle shields is the oval embossed CS brass shield. Ken Knopp's book, Confederate Saddles & Horse Equipment, has this type along with the other styles pictures with info. Only one oval shield has been found still on a original saddle as most are dug in confederate sites in Virginia.  All of the embossed CS shields were made by Richmond Arsenal, Virginia & were shaped similar to the Federal cavalry & artiilery patterns. A nice, all original, group of Confederate Saddle Pommel shield with all but one having the embossed CS on them & a couple of rare ones.