Batty, Peace Powder Flask, 1854 SOLD!!!!

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Price: $400.00

Nice condition on this large US Gov't issued Batty Mfr Peace Powder flask. Large copper & brass powder flask that was to be used originally for the US Mississippi rifle. These flasks were made by Batty in Mass. for the American Army.  The large body of this flask is copper & has the American Eagle with shield, Two hands clasping surrounded by stars & Military modif of Shield with US, cannons, musket, flags, helmet, etc. these are on both sides of the flask. This flask has the original & correct carrying round rings. Brass top & spout has great mellow patina. The spring for opening spout works correctly.  Top of flask is marked with 1854, Batty, US inspector A.D.K. & R.H.K.W..  The body of the flask has a couple of small indents from use. All the seams are tight & no seperations at all. These powder flask were first used by soldiers in the Mexican war & then in the American Civil War. A nice example of the Batty Peace Powder flask.