Boatswain John A. Floyd's Civil War M1852 US Navy Officer's Sword With Name

A really excellent identified M1852 Civil War Navy Officer's sword belonging to Boatswain John A. Floyd with his name on the Guard of sword & on the top brass mount of the scabbard. This is a standard regulation Navy Officer's sword of the Civil War with single edged 28" blade. A.W. Pollard & Co. Boston is on the ricasso of blade. Full etchings on both sides of blade. On one side  is an American Eagle on a Naval cannon with shield, Navy Anchor & chain & a stand of flags & pikes & floral. On the other side of the blade is etched with floral, Circle of 13 stars, large USN, Floral & American Flag. Most of the frosting is still intact on the blade. Gilded guard with cast in USN & Oak leaves & acorns, Dolphin Heard quillion &sea  serpent head on the knucklebow. Pommel has oak leaves & pommel cap has Eagle & stars. Grip cover is all intact but is not shark skin & has all the twisted brass wire wrap. Officer's name John A. Floyd is on the counterguard. The scabbard is standard black leather with gilded brass mounts. Leather is supple but missing the bottom brass drag. The top brass mount has John A. Floyd. A lot of the original gilding is on the bottom & top of guard, knucklebow. Not as much on the pommel & cap. John A. Floyd was born 1826 in Boston, Mass. & died 5-13-1894. Floyd enlisted in the Navy in 1838 as a landsman & served on the USS Columbus & later on the USS Cyane. Discharged & again enlisted in 1843 under the name Charles Smith which shows up in the paperwork with the sword. He served then on the USS Pennsylvania & then on the USS Macedonia. He enlsited again in 1846 as Charles Smith on the USS Vincennes. Floyd enlisted again in 1862 as John Floyd & served on the U:SS North Carolina, USS Adirondack until that ship sunk. Floyd was chief Boatswain's mate from 1862-1864 on the USS Conemaugh. Promoted as an officer acting boastswain on the USS Richmond until he mustered out in 1865. Floyd was on the Richmond & present with Farragut's fleet at Mobile. Recognized for his bravery while leading a rescue party for the Navy ship Enterprise when the ship went aground during a fierce storm On Mobile bar. He was injured helping a sailor onto their rescue ship. Included with this named sword is a folder with 200 pages of copied service & pension records on Floyd with letters & affidavits from his shipmates on Floyd's getting hurt on the rescue. There is papers where he writes what happened a lot in the papers. Also surgeons reports, etc. A really excellent Civil War named Navy Officer's sword  with tons of info.