C.Roby, Early Masonic/Knights Sword, Silvered, 1860s

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Price: $425.00

Really Excellent condition on this high quality, C.Roby, Silvered, Knights Templar Sword & Scabbard. Manufactured by Civil War maker C. Roby, Mass. & shows the influence of quality made Civil War swords with the 27 1/2" blade & the notiable Roby Etchings on the blade. Sword has the Knights head pommel which has been silvered, Cross guard, siilvered with stars & Chicken Eagle & chain. I have not cleaned the black patina off the silver on the sword.  Ebony Grips with Silvered Maltese Cross with small red cross in center. Beautiful blade with most of the original finish & frosting with floral, maltese crosses, banners, Masonic symbols, , book & key, tree, Greek collums & C.Roby & Co. W. Chelmsford  Mass. on the ricasso. Leather Scabbard with silvered throat, hanger & drag with Cross with Snake & IN HOC SIG NO Vinces in Ribbons. Drag has a 8 pointed star. The name Dr. T F Ridder Etched in the middle of the blade of this fine sword. This sword was made from 1860 -1869.  A really nice condition on this U.S. Knights Templar Sword made by the famed Civil War Sword Maker C. Roby, Mass.