Civil War 1/4 Plate Tintype/matt of Confederate Prisoners

Nice 1/4 Plate Tintype with Matt of four Civil War Soldiers in an open field & is 5 1/2" X 4"+.  The image shows the soldiers in different type shirts, some dark & different type kepis. One soldier on the left has a long stick & looks like a cigar or cigarette in his mouth. The second soldier is younger has his arms crossed has a white shirt & has suspenders. The third soldier has darker shirt & has his hands in his pocket. He looks as if he has something in his mouth. The third soldier also has darker shirt, bummer kepi & also has hands in his pockets. These soldiers definitely don't have Union uniforms on & have what CS Soldiers would be wearing as prisoners.  Picture is clear & does have some emulsion & a couple of very small creases. The brass Matt has Holmes Booth & Haydens Super fine on the side. This is a very scarce outdoor scene with 4 soldiers which look to be Confederate Prisoners with correct size Matt for 1/4 Plate Tintype.