Civil War 1860 Dated M1860 Ames Mfg Co. light Cavalry Sword/Scabbard (Virginia)

Ames M1860 Light cavalry sword that was in the Contract of 1859 .U. S. Sec. Of War John B. Floyd of Virginia in March 1860 decided that 1200 of this gov't contract with Ames to be sent to the state of Virginia. These swords were to be inspected & mkd by Gov't inspectors. These swords went directly into the Virginia State Arsenal & were used by Virginia, Jeb Stuart's cavalry during the war. The sword is in good used condition. It is a standard M1860 Ames light cavalry sword with 34/3/4" slightly curved blade. Smooth blade has not been cleaned & has a nice patina. Blade ricasso has Ames Mfg Co. Chicopee Mass. in three lines. On the other side of blade mkd: US, J.T. 1860. Brass branched guard has nice mellow, uncleaned, patina with areas where patina is darker. Top branch is push down a little. Didn't want to touch, looks fine. Brass pommel & cap also with nice patina in which some is darker & there are no Gov't inspector initials. Most of the original black leather intact on wood grip & shows use. The brass twisted wire is all there & in spots is a little loose. Knuckle bow has unusual stamping with HHH 58 & under the second two Hs is 54. Small V on bottom of knuckle bow. Steel scabbard is in good used condition with some small use dings & some small use dents. Nice brownish patina on scabbard. A real 1860 dated Ames Cavalry sword which could have been carried by one of Jeb Stuarts cavalry troopers during the war of Northern Aggression.