Civil War Era 2nd Model 2nd Type Whitney Navy Percussion Revolver

Very nice condition on this Civil War era E. Whitney Navy Percussion revolver. Revolver has 7 1/2" Oct. Barrel marked with E Whitney N. Haven. This Whitney is a 6 shot, .36 caliber percussion Revolver. Cylinder has Serial no. on back Revolver still has a lot of cylinder scene intact. It has two lions, 2 Coat of arms & two Eagles. Revolver has Colt style loading lever latch. Serial no. 11859 which came out of the factory in 1862. Serial Nos. on barrel, lever latch, Loading lever, cylinder, bottom of frame & bottom of brass trigger guard, Inside both two piece walnut grips. 6 safety notches on back of the cylinder. Thicker solid frame on this revolver with thicker top strap. Smooth metal with some original bluing on barrel & hammer. Brass trigger guard with mellow patina. This type of revolver was bought by US Gov't for the Army & the Navy. The Whitney Navy revolver was popular with soldiers on both North & South during the war. Jeb Stuart used one. This is a great example of the Whitney navy with nice action & scarce scenes still intact.