Civil War, Attic Condition, M1859 US Sharps Carbine

A real Civil War survivor, attic condition M1859 Sharps carbine in standard percussion .52 cal.  Carbine is all there except for the leaf on the rear sight. Serial no. 68881 gives it a range match to the US 16th Pa. Cavalry who was in action at the Gettysburg battle. Carbine is in good in operation, Action is tight & lever & breech work well. Carbine looks to have been kept in a place where it drew moisture as the barrel, butt plate, patch box cover, small portion of breech has light to moderate rusting. Wood back stock in good used condition   & has traces of the inspector cartouche intact beneath the sling bar & forearm is good with small sliver of wood missing near the rear of barrel. sharps pat. markings on lock plate vg & Lawrence mks are partial. C. Sharps markings on left side of breech are good. New Model 1859 are intact on barrel but in the rusting & the Sharps Manufacturing marks are partially visible. the serial no. 68881 on bottom of barrel & inspectors initials. Gov't inspector initials AHK on slide bar plate who was Albert H. Kirkham 1862-1863. Inside of the patch box cover is gov't inspector mk  E. This is a real Civil War used Sharps carbine which would have been at Gettysburg with the 16th Pa cavalry.