Civil War Battle Limb Made into Eagle Head Cane W/GAR Emblem

Really unique Battle Limb Eagle Head Cane for Union Veteran of the Civil War. The cane is 36 1/4" long with nice carved Eagle Head at the top with gilded beak, which has some of the gilding intact & has rounded brass tacks for the eyes. The complete cane is black &  on the neck of the cane is the complete GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) Emblem with American Eagle, crossed cannons, American flag below 5 pointed star. All of this emblem has most of the original gilding intact. Going down the cane is carved gilded leaves & where the real limbs were attached are gilded carved leaves. The base of the cane has a brass finale attached. The cane has nice curved top & is solid all the way down. One of the Yankee Veterans brought this limb home from one of the battles he was in, which was a common practice after the war for both sides, & either made or had made this Eagle Head, GAR cane. Very unique item from a union veteran of the Civil War.