Civil War Used Colt Special Model 1861 Rifled Musket, 1862

Excellent Colt special M1861 rifled musket in .58 cal. Percussion. These muskets were made by Colt Firearms Co. for the US Gov't starting on July 4, 1861. They had 3 contracts & delivered 96,505 of these rifled muskets during the Civil War. These special model muskets were patterned after the British Enfield rifles. This Special model 1861 Colt musket is in excellent Civil War used condition. Metal is smooth with great Mellow grey patina. The top of the barrel is stamped with a clear 1862 date & on the side of barrel is clear STEEL & F.C. (Francis Camp) who was the Gov't inspector for the Colt M1861 Special Muskets. The original two leaf sight is intact as well the front sight. The flat lock plate is stamped with U.S. COLT'S Pt F.A. Mfg Co HARTFORD.CT & behind the hammer is also the 1862 date. All these are very clear. The face of the cone is stamped with an American Eagle. The hammer is excellent & has an excellent action. Three barrel bands intact with U Stamping. Both sling swivels are intact. Trigger guard in good used condition with Gov't inspector B stamping. The butt plate has the larger U.S. intact. The original ramrod is intact.  The original wood stock in VG used condition with only a very light crack out from the back of lock plate. Wood has a great color & on the left side has the outline of the Gov't cartouches. On the wrist is stamped with a 16 & on the back stock in front of the butt is 47. About the middle of the stock looks to be initials which are very hard to read. A really above average Colt Special M1861 Special rifled musket which saw action in the Civil War.