Civil War Confederate D Guard Bowie Side Knife

A great example of the original Confederate D Guard Bowie Side Knife carried by a lot of Confederate soldiers during  the war of Northern Aggression. This is the classic style D guard with overall length of 18 3/4" & blade length of 14" X 1 1/2"W. The blade on this knife was made from a file & you can still see the file designs on the blade on both sides. Large clip point on end with one side of blade beveled & other side straight. looks like period sharpening done on the blade.  Steel D guard is 7/8" w. & is crudely, probably made by a blacksmith,  made with rectangle style Quilon. Round wood grip in good used condition. The overall style of the bowie is very similar to the Georgia arsenal made D Guard bowie except blade not as long & the guard on the Georgia bowie was arsenal made & a lot smoother. It looks like some Reb soldier got good use from this very dangerous bowie during the CW. A really nice & real example of a Confederate D Guard Bowie Knife.