Civil War Confederate L. Haiman & Brother Enlisted Mans Cavalry Sword/Scabbard

Classic & original louis Haiman & Brother, Columbus, Georgia made CS Cavalry Sword & Scabbard. Nice condition on this Civil War used Confederate Troopers Cavalry sword & scabbard. Sword is 42" long in scabbard with a 36" hammered blade with flaws. Flat top blade with gray patina & has some staining. The brass branched guard in excellent condition with mellow dark patina on brass. Pommel & cap same patina & peening is good.  Original oilcloth wrap on grip with period repair & is 90%+ intact. All of the single strand iron wire is intact. Looks like the leather throat washer may be the original. Steel scabbard is just what you want to see on a confederate one. Large brass sword hangers on scabbard with nice mellow patina & great lap seam with lead. Correct Haiman throat & drag & has one very small dent in the whole scabbard. This original Haiman sword saw the elephant during the Civil War & was used by a Confederate Cavalry trooper. The last few pics on this item are a little rough as clouds rolled in when I was taking the pics & made them darker. Sorry.