Civil War Henry Boker Enlisted Model 1860 Cavalry Sword/Scabbard

A scarce US used cavalry sword/scabbard in the American Civil war. Manufactured by Heinrich Henry Boker & Companie, Solingen, Prussia. The most notable feature is that they are of the M1860 style swords. They have the brass two branch guards of the M1860 along with the grip, leather covered wood grip, Twisted brass wire around the grip. They came with plain steel scabbard. These were German Export for the American market & were purchased for use in the American cavalry during the CW. Boker & Bleckmann were the only Prussian sword makers of the M1860 style cavalry sabers. These swords has no US inspectors marks. These swords are shown on US Ordnance Dept.  Saber orders/contracts from 1861 to 1865. This Boker cavalry sword is in great CW used condition. with a 34 3/4" slightly curved blade. Ricasso is marked with Henry Boker  Solingen stamp. The blade is in great condition with light staining up & down the blade especially at the ricasso. I believe the blade was lightly cleaned at some point but if so the person knew what he was doing. There is no cleaning scratches & the blade has a great look. The guard, pommel & cap have a great mellow patina. The knucklebow has a 6 stamped at the top. A slight use bend is on the top branch of the guard. Peening at the top of pommel cap was not disturbed. Soldier's initials (W T) is scratched in the bottom flat of guard. Wood leather covered grip is in good used condition with around 80% of leather intact & has some small areas where leather has worn off. 100% of the twisted brass wire wrap on the grip is intact. The steel scabbard is in good used condition. The throat is missing. Rings & hangers intact. There are two small dents on the body of the scabbard on the left side. Scabbard fits sword perfectly. A scarce Boker mfr., US M1860 Cavalry Sword & Scabbard.