Civil War/Indian War Used M1860 Millard Contract US Cavalry Sword/Scabbard

Untouched condition on this Civil War used D.J. Millard Contract US light Cavalry sword in great condition. Millard contract with US Gov't in Dec. 1861 for 10,000 swords were delivered in early 1862. This sword has not been cleaned or messed with & has the added feature of Indian War marks also. Standard Millard M1860 cavalry sword with slightly curved 34 3/4" blade with D.J. Millard & Clayeville N.Y. in circle on one side of blade & U.S, C.E.W. (Inspector), 1862 on other side of blade.  Blade has pleasing gray patina with smooth metal. Brass hilt & pommel is uncleaned with over the years patina intact. Pommel cap has inspector C.E.W. &  W.E.H. initials intact. Peening of blade has never been fooled with. Steel scabbard in great condition with no dents & great patina. What really makes it great on the drag is period stamped 14 Cav 66. I did a little looking up on the 14th cavalry units There was a 14th Ky & 14th NY Civil war units &  also a 14th US cavalry unit in the Indian Wars . This scarce Millard contract Civil War sword is even better used in the Indian Wars also.