Civil War, M1850 US Navy Officer's Sword & Scabbard, High Quality Gorham & Co.

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A near new M1850 US Navy Officer's Sword & Scabbard produced by Gorham & Co. Providence, R.I. for the Civil War market. This is a very high Quality Sword as was made by Gorham & Co. Sword is a US regulation M1850 Navy Off. Sword &  is 33" overall with a 27"L X 1 1/8"w, nearly straight blade with etchings going up over 1/2 the blade on both sides. All of the original frosting & finish is intact & has military modif etchings. One side of the blade has etched Gorham & Co. Providence, R.I. , American Eagle on Naval cannon, fouled anchor, Ribbon with USN & floral & rope. On the other side is etched with designs, floral Anchor with union shield, stars, pikes, flags, spears & banner with USN. The brass guard & counterguard has 95%+ original gold gilt intact as does the pommel & cap. Cutouts in counterguard has floral & USN . Quillion has detailed dolphins head & top of knucklebow also has dolphin. Pommel cap top has Eagle with stars around. All the original shark skin grip cover intact as is all the twisted wire. Original red throat washer is intact. Original leather on scabbard is in near new condition & supple. the brass mounts have great patina as the rope design hangers for the rings.  Drag also has great patina & has larger than on most Navy Officers sword the Dolphin figure. A really excellent, near new condition on this Civil War, High quality M1850 US Navy Officer's Sword produced by Gorham & Co. Providence, R.I.