Civil War, M1851 US Military, Colt Black Navy Navy Revolver, Killer Cylinder Scene

Really Excellent condition on the Martial, Colt US Black Navy Navy Revolver. Standard 2nd Model Black Navy with 7 1/2" oct. barrel, .36 cal. 6 shot cylinder. Serial no. 91091 which came out of colts factory to the US Gov't in 1859. These colt navy revolvers were made with iron back straps & trigger guards. The 2nd model is the Hartford style with the Hartford style backstrap & large rounded trigger guards. Frame is marked with small U.S. & has Gov't (P) inspector mk on the top of cylinder & has the star on front of cylinder denoting Gov't ownership. Barrel is mkd with Colt Hartford , Ct. address & serial no. & T. Cylinder is mkd with Colt Patent No. 91091 cylinder scene. on this revolver the scene is excellent with around  95%+ intact along with the engaged 16 May 1843 intact. Front of cylinder has the Star & top around the nipples has the large P.  The frame has the Colts patent & small U.S. & serial no. Iron trigger guard has serial no. with G. Loading lever also has serial no. Iron Backstrap has serial no. Wood grips are in good used condition with what is left of serial no. on inside groove.  This martial Navy Navy colt has all matching serial nos. except for the wedge. Action is excellent. This colt black navy still has a lot of the original dark finish through out. These revolvers were issued to the US Navy & a some to US cavalry units. This revolver with going to the Gov't in 1859 was sure to have seen service in the Civil War. A really excellent US Martial Colt Navy Navy Civil War Revolver.