Civil War Metropolitan Arms M1851 Navy Revolver In Really Excellent Condition  One of the Best I've ever Seen.

An extremely nice M1851 Metropolitan Arms Navy Revolver. These revolvers were  manufactured after The Colt's Company fire in 1864. during the CW. The company was ran by a group of gunsmiths to make up for the loss of Colt. Metropolitan Arms made copies of the Colt M1851 Navy, the Colt M1862 Police & the Colt M1861 Navy Revolvers. These guns were excellent copies of the Colt arms & were just as good revolvers. Metropolitan went out of business after the war because of the onset of Cartridge revolvers. This second model Metropolitan M1851 Navy has quite a bit of original bluing intact some turning dark. Standard 6 shot, .36 cal. percussion revolver. The barrel is marked with Metropolitan Arms Co. New-York & has serial no. 4197(according to records this no. was actually 3197) The cylinder has around 90% New Orleans Naval Scene intact made by WL Ormsby. The written New Orleans & date are not showing & it looks as if it was never there. Cylinder also has the SN: 4197 stamping. The frame is smooth, dark & just a hair of case colors also with 3197. Brass trigger guard has nice mellow patina & has some of the silver intact. Marked with SN 4197. Brass backstrap also has nice patina & has a trace of silver near the hammer & has 4197SN. loading lever is dark & has  part of the SN 197. The wedge has the 4197 SN. The one piece walnut stock is in great condition with a lot of the original varnish intact. The action on this revolver works great. These Metropolitan Navy Arms revolver are scarce especially in this condiiton.