Civil War Era or Earlier Original Child's Swords

Two Civil War or earlier Childs swords which were bought usually by Union or Confederate Officer or Enlisted for their children during the war. The first sword has a thin brass guard with thin quill ion. Pommel cap has capstan nut. Straight blade which is 17 1/2"Long X 5/8" wide & is smooth & rounded at end.  Sword overall is 21 1/2"L 7 in scabbard is 23 3/8"L. Wood grip. Heavier brass scabbard which is lap seamed with lead similar to the Scabbards made for Confederate Cavalry swords. The other child's sword may be a little earlier made. Slightly curved blade with fuller groove down the middle on one side. The blade is 20 1/2"L X 1/2" W. is dark. Nice thin black colored metal guard with etchings on front & plain inside. Thin metal pommel & cap  & is peening on cap. Black gutta percha grip with thin wire intact. Sorry, no scabbard on this one. Two nice child's swords which are not offered very often.