Civil War Union Cavalry Smith Carbine, .50 cal.

Early Civil War Smith Carbine manufactured by Massachusetts Arms Co. Chicopee, Mass.  .50 cal. percussion, breechloader, single shot & has 21 5/8" rd to oct. barrel. Loaded by depressing  the latch ahead of the trigger dropping the barrel down to pivot downward. Iron mountings  with casehardened breech. Walnut stock sling ring mounted on left side of the breech. Early carbines by Mass. Arms Co. (only) under sn 11000 (1863) has sling swivels on barrel band & lower butt.
 This Smith carbine in great, used condition with good markings on side of breech, Manufactured by Mass. Arms Co. Chicopee Falls, Address Poultney & Trimble Baltimore, U.S.A., Smith's Patent June 23 1857. Nice mellow patina on barrel, butt plate, barrel band, swivels & trigger guard & hammer.  Left side of barrel marked with JH (Gov't inspector). Wood stock good used condition with normal dings & carved into back stock near butt plate is H M B. Action is very good. Rear & front sights are intact. Loading action is very good. Serial no., all matching,  on this early Smith Carbine is 3165. which puts this smith carbine in the war, with the sling swivels, probably in 1862. Some of the US Cavalry units that had the Smith Carbine are 3rd WV, 7th & 11th Illinois, 1st Conn, 7th & 17th Penn, 6th & 9th Ohio & 1st Mass. A real nice example of the early war US Cavalry, Smith Carbine.