Civil War Used M1855 Springfield Rifled Musket W/Richmond Arsenal Reinspection markings
A definite Civil War used M1855 Springfield Rifled musket with Maynard primer & has Richmond Arsenal reinspection star & other markings. This musket at some point was sent to the Richmond Arsenal in Virginia to be either repaired & sent back to Confederate Troops or was captured at Harpers Ferry by Gen. Jackson. This rifled musket is in good battle used condition with standard 40" rd barrel in .58 caliber & Maynard priming system. Barrel has uncleaned chocolate brown patina with original front sight & rear sight which is missing the leaf's. It has the VP & Eagle Head intact. Lock plate is smooth with brown patina & marked with U.S. Springfield & dated 1858. Action is good & the original hammer has brown patina. Maynard primer still works but the cover is missing. Trigger guard, butt plate & barrel bands are also brown patina, middle band has broken sling swivel. Wood stock is in good battle used condition with no breaks & has two inspectors cartouches on left side. Ram rod intact. Nice example of a musket which was sent to the Richmond Arsenal sometime in the war, reinspected & sent back out to Confederate troops. A musket that really saw the elephant.
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