Civil War Used US Gov't M1860 Colt Army Revolver 1862, Killer Cylinder scene

A for sure Civil War used Colt M1860 Army revolver which came out of Colt's factory in 1862. This revolver has a really great look & has all matching serial nos. which is 67212. Stand M1860 Colt in .44 cal. 6 shot round barrel revolver Revolver has darker grey patina throughout with smooth metal. Barrel is marked --Address Col. Saml Colt New-York U.S. America-- & has gov't inspectors initials on both side of barrel & has serial no. on bottom. The wedge for the barrel was period broken & still has the last three serial nos. intact. Wedge still holds barrel on tight. Cylinder has 90%+ Naval battle scene intact. with clear Colt Patent No.7212  & clear Pat. Sept 10th 1850 under. Cylinder also has Gov't inspectors marks. Frame is marked Colts Patent, serial no. & has trace of case hardening. Mellow brass trigger guard has serial no.  H. Backstrap is smooth with serial no. Wood grips are smooth & show use & has Gov't inspectors cartouche intact which looks to be JT. Action is excellent on this US M1860 Colt Army. On the back of barrel is a period insert of a back sight. This was either put on during or just after the CW. You see a lot of these Cot armies which went west having that added feature. A for sure Civil War used M1860 Colt Army revolver.