Civil War W.Walscheid Non Regulation US Staff & Field Officer's Sword/Scabbard

Nice example of the Civil War Non regulation British Pattern 1827 by W. Walscheid with American Eagle Hilt, US Staff & Field Officer's sword. The sword has a nearly straight blade with long ricasso with Brass Proved Disk on one side & W. Walscheid Solingen on the other. Nice etched blade with floral, Spread wing American Eagle with E Pluribus Unum on a ribbon below Eagle, more floral. On the other side of blade is floral, large U.S. & more floral. Smooth blade with some finish intact on a bright blade with a small amount of staining. Top of the blade has Iron Proof. Iron Guard with large American Eagle cut out & US under. Detail is good with US Shield, feathers, Floral & E. Pluribus Unum above the Eagle. Metal has nice dark patina all over. Iron back strap with dark patina along with pommel cap that has non messed with peening. Original wood grip covered in Sharkskin which is around 99% intact. One small crease &  small crack in the sharkskin cover just below the pommel cap & is hardly noticeable. Original steel scabbard with steel ring bands & drag with dark patina & no dents. This sword saw use  in the war but is still in great condition. It was noted that W. Walscheid swords had great balance & were well fitted together. A nice Civil War Walscheid Solingen US Staff & Field Officers sword.  $800.00