Civil War Confederate Short Artillery Sword Made into a Fighting Knife

Original confederate Short Artillery Sword made into a fighting knife. Overall length is17 1/2" L with a 11 1/2" X 1 3/4" at the widest blade. Mean looking knife in which whomever took a Confederate short artillery sword which had a broken hammered blade & made it into a double edged fighting knife. The blade looks to have been made from the original sword blade which had the raised section in the middle & going up the blade. The brass guard with the brass grip with no rivets has a nice mellow patina as well the cross guard & pommel cap. This knife could have originally been a Leech & Rigdon Artillery short sword. The blade shows a lot of use & is definitely a CS hammered blade. This alteration looks to have been  period done. Some Reb soldier needed a fighting knife & made one from a broken blade CS Artillery sword.