Colt,Martial M1873 SAA, Id'ed Soldier,US 3rd Cav.

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Factory lettered Colt SAA to US Gov't 1880 & family identified to owner who was soldier in the third US Cavalry in Texas. Paper from family states that the pistol was owned by US cavalry Capt. Thomas Dyson & that he had also serverd as acting Indian agent for the Mashbee Tribe & that in 1898 he entered the Spanish American war as a Captain in the Rough Riders & that he used this pistol in the Battle of San Juan Hill. Have the Colt factory letter showing the colt went to the US gov't in Dec. of 1880. Also with the colt is a letter from the Colt SAA authority & author, John Kopec. The revolver also has the Dyson's single loop holster with his initials in front. Standard Colt Single Action Army revolver in .45 cal. with Gov't inspectors stamps of  D. F. C. on barrel, frame & cylinder & other initials on barrel. Standard colt address on top of barrel. Matching serial nos. on barrel under ejector housing, frame, triggerguard, cylinder & butt, One piece walnut grips dated 1880 &  traces of inspectors cartouches intact on both sides. Patent dates 1871, 72 & 75 on left side of frame intact & the U.S. has been purposely removed. . Revolver has been shortened to 5" &  original front sight had been moved. Revolver had been nickeled  & around 60-70% intact. Either soldier Dyson brought this back with him when in the Cavalry or he bought this revolver which could have been a Gov't buy back which was sold to a retailer at the period. Kopec states the hammer was of the 1920s style & that some of the screws had been replaced. Have copies of Thomas Dyson's Indian war gov't papers & he was located mainly in Texas with the 3rd US Cavalry. He enlisted into the Cav in 1886 & was discharged in 1891. A very historical & old west Colt single action revolver which saw action in the Indian wars & the Span Am wars.