Confederate , Barnett, M1853 Enfield Musket, Sinclair, Hamilton & Co. Marked

A great example of the Confederate used British Enfield 3 banded, percussion rifled Musket in .577 caliber. These muskets were the second most widely used Infantry long arm of the Civil War.  Marked in front of the butt tang with the Sinclair Hamilton & Co. Markings with British Crown with S under & HC under & arrow to the right. These markings according to the The English Connection book was the earlier style. John E. Barnett & Sons sold a large amount of these rifled muskets to the Confederacy during the war. Even some were captured on the way to America by Union ships stopping the blockade runners. This musket is in good used condition with smooth metal, no finish, The barrel is marked with the London Proof marks before the tang & also on top of barrel looks like III & I J.  The bottom of the barrel is marked with Barnett, 16, 0  606 III \\i, large I.J. , 25 & other initials. On the back of the barrel on tang is WG which is probably W. Greener. These are viewers initials, caliber of musket, assembly marks & maker. The lock plate is marked with Barnett London & behind the hammer is the British Crown with the large Tower beneath. On the back of the lock plate is Barnett, large I.J. Steathan & on the edge is assembly mks III. On the hammer is stamped with 59 & WG , (W. Greener). The wood stock is in good used condition with normal used dings & bangs & no breaks. The markings on stock is in the ramrod channel & in front of the butt tang Sinclair Hamilton & Co. In the ramrod channel is a name J B& other letters, probably the maker of stock, Assembly mks III \/II, I J, \\I. The I.J. markings which is on various parts on the musket is probably the Viewer's initials which some of these viewers moved to the South during the war to check these weapons when they came into the Confederacy. All the assembly nos. are matching on this musket & are on most of the major parts. Musket still has intact the original front & rear sights which has JB marking. The musket also has the nipple protector intact & shows a lot of use. The brass nose cap, trigger guard, butt plate, small side plate all have nice mellow patina. One of the barrel bands has markings & both sling swivels intact. Standard Enfield ramrod with no markings. The action is tight on this Sinclair, Hamilton & Co. rifled musket. This is a great example of the Confederate used Barnett Manufacture musket with the SH & Co. markings.