Confederate Boyle & Gamble Mfr. Richmond, Va. Cavalry Sword/Scabbard

Boyle & Gamble Mfr. Richmond, Va.  enlisted mans Cavalry Sword & Scabbard from the Civil War. Boyle & Gamble, Richmond produced arms for the Confederacy during the CW. This sword is 40" overall with a 34 1/4" slightly curved blade. This is a very good conditioned B&G troopers sword. This cavalry sword has all the Boyle & Gamble characteristics. Brass counterguard has the cupped design & bottom & standard branches. Pommel cap is oval, plain design with great patina. The wood, oil cloth covered grip which is around 50% intact. Original single  wire wrap is all there. The hammered blade is smooth with some staining & doesn't look to have been cleaned. Metal scabbard is just the way we want to get them. Scabbard has brass throat & hangers with correct rings. Scabbard is pretty much smooth with traces of the original black paint & has one dent which looks to be done on purpose to keep blade from rattling. Scabbard has great lap seam with lead. Scabbard is really good & fits sword perfectly. The brass guard & branches have great patina. Outer branch is pushed in a little. Brass pommel also has great patina & the peening on top has not been disturbed. A really good Confederate Boyle & Gamble Cavalry sword & scabbard which has seen the elephant.