Confederate Gun Maker M.A. Baker Kentucky Rifle N.C.

Unique Southern made Kentucky rifle with A. Baker on lock plate. The M was under the hammer & worn down, only traces left. The rifle is full stock percussion & is 53" long & has a 38" barrel & looks to be around .36 cal. Tiger Striped wood stock with crack on the bottom under the lock plate. German silver inlays on the back stock, neck & around all the pins that hold the barrel. Large brass 4 piece patch box & brass trigger guard & butt plate, bottom back stock plate, thimbles & wide nose cap. lock plate with floral engravings as well  as the A. Baker. Hammer also has floral engraving. Top of barrel has letters which can not all be read which is probably the owner's name. Wood ramrod. Larger oval German silver plate on back stock with engraving of an upside down Southern Eagle pushing down on the Union arrows & leaves & on the brass side plate is engraved with Two Eagles facing each other. Rifle has double set triggers & action works good. The hammer is the Fayetteville style & this style hammer on  many of M.A. Baker's rifles & single shot pistols. On the bottom of the barrel is also stamped with Baker. The rifle is a lighter weight Ky rifle & may have been made for a boy. The rifle was made by  M.A. Baker of Fayetteville, NC who was a gun maker before the Civil War & during the CW he was contracted by the Confederate gov't to make & convert rifles & to make locks for guns. In Dec. of 1860 his advertisement read: Keep your Money South and build up your own country & town by calling on M.A. Baker & noted his making of weapons. The book: Confederate Long Arms & Pistols has info & pictures of 5 of Baker's rifles including one of his Ky styled rifles.This Ky shows a lot of use, more than just for hunting so it may have gone out  with an early Confederate NC soldier & used, at least for a while in the war. A really unique Southern Kentucky rile with great southern Eagles, nice tiger striped stock & made by a contracted Confederate Gun maker.