Confederate Navy Cutlass made from M1841 US Naval Cutlass

Well used Civil War Confederate Naval Cutlass made from a M1841 Ames Mfr US Navy Cutlass. This cutlass was made like the Confederate Selma Arsenal Cutlass made by Leech & Rigdon. Brass hilt with incised slot & standard US style 3 rivets  & the cross guard was taken off. The US Eagles are still visible on both sides of pommel. The blade is double edged 19 1/4" long & between 11/2" X 13/4" wide. On one side of the ricasso on the blade is marked N P Ames Cabotville & on the other side is US & 2. The blade was reduced on both sides to look like the Selma Arsenal cutlass & looks to be an arsenal rework done by the Confederate Selma arsenal by Leech & Rigdon. I have put in the pics this sword along side an original Confederate Leech & Rigdon CS Naval cutlass to show the similarities.  A lot different swords were reworked by Southern makers especially at the beginning of the war by makers using whatever they could get from Southern Militia arsenals & from where ever. This sword looks to much like the Selma arsenal sword not to be a CS rework. The sword tip was broken off, looks to be period,& smoothed out. Blade shows some pitting & may be because being on a ship or coastal area & the salt air wear. Brass guard has great patina. A no doubt Confederate rework of the early M1841 US Cutlass to the Selma arsenal Leech & Rigdon Navy Cutlass.