Confederate Richmond Arsenal Sharps Carbine

An unmolested Confederate Richmond Arsenal manufactured sharps Carbine.  Nice used condition on this Confederate sharps & was said to have come out of a house in the Shandoah Valley. Serial no. 3285, all matching, is marked on the lock plate, Tang  & on the bottom of the barrel next to the breech under the wood forearm. Richmond Va is marked behind the rear sight on the barrel. These carbines were manufactured from same machinery and continued with no break in the serial nos. from when the carbine was mfrd by Robinson Sharps in Richmond  & was taken over by the Confederate Ordnance Dept in 1863 & mfrd into 1864. The Richmond sharps has the flat brass barrel band & has the brass butt plate. On the bottom of back stock is the sling swivel.These carbines have the Richmond style front sight &  fixed rear sight. Hammer is similar to US style & action is good.. Sling bar & ring is screwed onto breech & back stock & has no. on back. Wood fore stock  & back stock in good used condition. Lever for breech has lock like the US Sharps. Breech is similar to the US Sharps. This breech at the moment is sticking & little by little I'm getting it loose & top of nipple is gone.  All screws on this Confederate sharps are original. Metal is mostly smooth with a  trace of browning intact in areas. A real, unmolested, Confederate Richmond Arsenal Sharps Carbine.