Confederate, Spear Point, D Guard or Short Sword

Confederate  spear point  d guard or short sword files20170912 3589 1tyy8ev
Price: $2 450.00

Classic, All original, Confederate D Guard Bowie Knife or Short Sword. Large 20 3/4" overall sword or bowie with 15 3/4" X 2" dble edged blade with spear point. Iron guard in oval shape which is around 2" wide & & D Guard which is 7/8" wide. Gray blade with scattered s&p rusting & nice patina. Original, one piece turned, spiril cut grip. The iron guard has scattered remanants of GAR gold paint in which they put in their captured weapons in the GAR  museums & GAR Lodges. There is also traces of this gold paint on the blade. These swords or bowies have been, for years, identified to the Kenansville, NC, Louis Froelich as the maker. There is now research which these swords or bowies were made by Boyle & Gamble in Va. during the CW. These bowie or short swords were carried & used by many Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War & this is a classic example of this type D Guard Bowie or Artillery short sword .