Excellent, CS, Boyle & Gamble Enlisted Cavalry Saber/Scabbard

This Confederate Boyle & Gamble Mfr. of Richmond, Va. Enlisted mans cavalry Sword & scabbard is in excellent condition. Sword overall is 42" with a 36" slightly curved, hammered blade. Blade has unstopped fuller &  smooth metal with great patina. Brass, branched guard has a great patina with dark & reddish tint patina with casting flaws. The underside of guard is deeply cupped a featured found on the Boyle & Gamble swords. Standard pommel &  cap with casting flaws & great patina. Even knucklebow has nice casting flaw. All original worn leather on grip with all the single strand copper wire intact. Iron lapped seam scabbard with some of the original black paint still intact. Brass hangers & throat. There is not a dent in this original scabbard.  This Boyle & Gamble cavalry sword in this condition is one of the best I have seen for sale in a long time. It would be hard to find a better example.