CS Boyle & Gamble, Etched, Foot Officer's Sword/Scabbard

Higher quality Boyle & Gamble Mfr Confederate Foot Officer's Sword & Scabbard. The sword is overall 35" & sword blade is 30" with swelled blade towards the tip. The sword has etched blade with large CS, floral, Starburst, Boyle & Gamble & Co, Richmond VA., intertwined snakes going up the blade, cannons, flags, swords, military modifs with bugles, etc. Ribbon with Liberty/Death, Shield with Hope inside, Flag with either Best or 8th inside. Etching can be seen good in some areas & light in others & blade has some dark staining patches. Etching may have been done by William T. Ege who also did etching for Mitchell & Tyler. The Brass guard, pommel & pommel cap have great mellow patina. Nearly all the original leather intact on grip & 3 strands of original twisted wire intact. Original peening on top of pommel. Sword has the Boyle & Gamble "notch" top to the knucklebow. on the underside of guard is the Boyle & Gamble no. 1  1. Sword came with, what is known as, secondary CS Scabbard which is made of steel, British, & fits the sword well. The leather scabbards for these swords sometimes wore out or were torn. Soldiers had to get what they could to fit their weapon. Boyle & Gamble  sold their swords to individuals & to Military outfitters during the Civil War. This sword is a higher quality sword with great etching. It has the characteristics of swords they made for Mitchell & Tyler. A real Confederate Foot Officers sword with Boyle & Gamble mks & great etching.