CS Boyle, Gamble & MacFee Foot Officer's Sword

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Price: $4 200.00

Nice Confederate Boyle, Gamble & MacFee Foot Officer's sword. Sword is 43 1/2" overall with heavy, nearly straight 29 1/2" hammered blade. The blade is in great condition with pleasing gray patina & completely smooth metal. The brass guard, pommel & cap have, at some time, been cleaned to get off the dark patina & it was done so it really shows nice. The bottom of the distinctive turn down guard in raised letters is: Boyle Gamble & MacFee  Richmond Va. What looks like the original leather throat washer is intact.  One of our known Civil War weapons college, Jim Brown, who is very knowledgeable to the construction of these Confederate swords. The grip is in great condition The Leather is in nice condition & the brass wire has dark areas & shows to have been on this leather forever. Really nice Confederate Boyle Gamble & MacFee sword. These swords marked with the Boyle Gamble & MacFee markings were known to have been strictly under Confederate Government contract & went directly to the Confederate troops. Boyle & Gamble mostly sold their swords privately to individuals& to military outfitters. Sorry no scabbard with this nice Confederate sword. A really nice Confederate Foot Officer's sword by Boyle, Gamble & MacFee Richmond, Va.