CS Marked, Brass Framed Colt Brevet Revolver & Holster

A very interesting Copy of the Colt M1848 Baby Dragoon Revolver with brass frame & period C S markings. Revolver is a 5 shot .31 cal. percussion with a 5 3/4" Octagonal barrel. The brass frame is motted with dark & brass patina. & is marked with a 6. The frame has a C S stamping which looks period.  The square back trigger guard is also motted with same patina. The backstrap is also motted with more brass with is like glass to the touch. The barrel has also a 6 stamped on the side & has a brass front sight. The cylinder has no engraving & also has the 6 stamping. All the metal parts have some S&P rusting. The wedge has no number stamping & also the loading lever has no number. Wood grips have a dark patina & has 4 notches at the bottom. Action works good. The original holster which has been with this revolver as the leather conforms perfectly to the outlines in the leather. Holster shows wear & at a couple of places the seams, where sewn, have come loose.  The holster has the pure southern look & has the single belt loop on the back applied by CW period rivets. There is a lead piece on wires which holds the flap down. The condition of this revolver lends itself to the revolver being in this holster for a long time & as to where is was stored gives the revolver its patina. I have no idea from what country this revolver is from as there are no markings at all except the no. 6.  ??????