CS Nashville Plowworks Officer's Sword SOLD!!!!!!!

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Price: $8 500.00

Original, Nashville Plow Works Cavalry Officer's Sword with 35 1/4" hand hammered, single unstopped fuller, flat backed Blade. Standard cast brass guard with small Nashville Plow Works & large CSA cast into guard.  These swords were made in part in partnership with Sharps & Hamilton & a large no.were made even after the Yankee's captured Nashville in 1861. Sword has iron ferrule at base of the grip & has brass backstrap & Pommel which has great patina.   Scabbard is in good condition with top seam, canoe Throat & correct small hangers & small rings. This Sword has had a original style wood grip replacement as the original grip was gone.The rest of the sword is a completely original Nashville Plow Officer's sword. A getting very hard to find all original except grip which is an excellent exact copy, Nashville Plowworks Confederate Cavalry Officer's Sword & Scabbard.