CW Battle Field Relic Early Spencer Carbine Found in Kentucky

A really neat Civil War Battle Field Relic. An early Civil War Spencer Carbine which has been broke ,by a Reb, over a tree or some hard object in order for it not be able to be used again. Stand US Gov't Spencer Carbine which were carried by Union Cavalry during the Civil War. Serial no. 16446 which came out in 1863. The serial no. is on the back of breech & twice on the barrelĀ  where the rear sight would have been over. Also a 7 in between the SNs. The barrel is still in good conditionĀ  with the original front sight intact. The original wood forearm is intact but shows a lot of wear & weathering. The original barrel band is also intact. The breech area intact with what is left of the address on top. Repeating, Mass. & 1860 is still visible. The top of breech & spring intact which has the firing pin inside. Where the back stock, lock plate, sling bar & butt plate was has been forcibly broke off along with the trigger housing & loading lever which has a little intact. This had to be done by some Confederate who didn't want this weapon to still be used. You can still see what is left of the loading tube that goes into the breech block.This weapon was picked up probably soon after being on the field as to the smoothness of the metal parts. This was in a long time collector's collection & was supposed to be from one of the battlefields in Ky. I did some research & the spencer was, according to serial no., in the 2nd Michigan Cavalry which were in different battles here in Ky including Perryville. A really neat Civil War Spencer Carbine relic.