CW, M1860, Mansfield & Lamb Contract, US light Cavalry Sword & Scabbard

Nice example of the M1860 Light Cavalry Sword & Scabbard carried by US Cavalry units during the Civil War. Gov't bought over 350,000 of these swords which were lighter in weight to the old Model 1840 Wristbreaker swords. This sword was made by Mansfield & Lamb under contract to the US gov't. This sword has the sligthtly curved blade with U.S.,  J.M ( Inspector) & 1864 on the ricasso  & on the other side is marked in oval Mansfield & Lamb Forrestdale R. I.  The blade in nice condition with nice used patina. Brass 3 branch guard has mellow patina along with the Pommel & cap which has the Gov't inspectors initials. Leather on the grip has all the hand worn leather intact as well as the original twisted wire. This sword definetly seen use during the CW as the counterguard is purposely bent down towards the top of the blade to make it easier, using the soldier's thumb,  to hold upright for inspections & charges. Steel scabbard in excellent shape with no dents & has both rings intact. These M1860 Cavalry swords were excellent weapons & the design was brought to the US by then Capt. George B. McCellan after touring European arsenals before the CW. A nice original Mansfield & Lamb contract which seen action in the CW.