CW M1861 Trenton Rifled Musket, .58 Cal. SOLD!!!!

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Price: $875.00

This one definelty saw the elephant during the War of Northern Aggression or American Civil War. Well used M1861 Trenton Contract .58 cal. 3 banded Rifled Musket. Lockplate mkd with American Eagle, U. S., Trenton & behind the hammer 1864. Standard Contract musket with 3 Barrel bands mked with U & held on by springs & has sling swivel. Barrel is marked with VP, M & traces of Eagle head. Wood is in good used condition & getting dark with normal use dings & has worn down & burnout behind the nipple area which shows a lot of rounds were fired with this musket & has inspectors cartouches on left side of stock. Butt plate is marked with US. Standard Triggerguard with sling swivel intact. Action is good on this CW musket. Metal has normal used S&P rustings on various parts & heavier rusting around the nipple area which would be normal on a CW used musket that seen a lot of use. Rear sight intact along with the front sight. Orgiinal ramrod also intact. A real Civil War survior which seen a lot of action during the war.