CW Vets Carved Horse Head Cane,Id'ed Merrill's Horse Cav.

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Price: $975.00

Killer, Identified Carved Horse Head Cane from Veteran of the Civil War famous Cavalry unit Merrill's Horse Cavalry/ 2nd Missouri cavalry. Very skilfully carved, with great detail, Horse Head on cane with Merrills Horse, H, 2 Mo Cav & LeRoy Fish carved into detailed horse head with mane, ears, mouth & eyes. Horse head attached to walking stick which looks to have been made out of limb wood that Sgt. Fish brought home from the Civil War. Wood in good used condition & was cut out at the bottom for a finale, which is gone. Their is a lead, Heart Corp badge embedded on the cane just underneath the Horse Head hdle. This CW veteran's cane is 38" long. LeRoy Fish enlisted into Co. H, Merrill's Horse Cav Aug. 28, 1861 & was quickly promoted to Corp. later that year & in 1863 promoted to Sgt. His enlistement was up in 1864 & he reenlisted & was mustered out sometime in 1865. I have found a lot of his records & day by day reports. Fish was very active in this unit & is shown to have been present & on special duties throughout the CW. Merrill's Horse Cavalry was raised by Major Gen. John C. Fremont & organized by Capt. Lewis Merrill, a reg. Army Officer & vet of prewar 2nd US Dragoons.  Merrill's Horse had unique uniforms with the front of their tunics had Horse Head panel trimmed in cavalry yellow & their sky blue Forage caps with an orange welt from the old Dragoon days. This unit had the difficult & dangerous job to go after CS guerrillas in Missouri & later in the war had distinguised service fight regular Confederate cavalry & inf.. They were sent to Arkansan, Tenn., Georgia & Alabama also to go after guerrillas. Later in the war they were designated as the 2nd Missouri Vol. Cav as well as their Merrill's Horse cav. designation. In the Grierson expedition in Tenn. they fought against N.B. Forrest cavalry & units. Fish's copies of his records, unit history & copy of veteran reunion photo all are included with the cane. A really unique & eye catching Horse head cane with veteran's name, unit, Co. from a US Cavalry unit who specialised in Counterinsurgery of Guerrilla fighting in the Civil War.