Documented, Original, Stars & Bars Flag

Cotton, Confederate Stars & Bars flag, hand constructed. Size of flag is 19 1/2" X 35 1/2". 10 five- point stars hand sewn on both sides with one large star in center in circular pattern with 9 smaller stars on both sides. The flag condition is sound but shows use & fading. Small narrow strip out at top edge of the blue field & and a approximate 2" strip on the left side of the bottom red stripe. Flag also has some stains some may be blood stains. This flag bought directly from the family of Lt. Col. James M. Stone of the 27th Maine Regiment. Flag was bought in 1968 as part of a grouping from Lt. Col. Stone effects. Norm Flayderman owned this flag later & I have 2 letters he wrote to authority Howard Madaus on this flag &  the letter Madaus wrote him back. Madaus states that the flag probably came from either Virginia or North Carolina. He had no doubt that the flag was used by the South during the War. Later Norm Flayderman had this flag in his No. 107 Military antiques catalog. After this a Mr. Harlan Crow of Texas had the flag in his large flag collection. Some time later Mr. John Sexton owned this flag & I have the letter Howard Madaus wrote him on the flag stating he had learned of this flag from Norm Flayderman in the 1980s.  Madaus in an earlier letter states that Lt. Col. Stone wrote the Regimental history of the 27th & may have written how the flag was captured but he hadn't had been able to get a copy of the book. He states in the letter to Mr. Sexton the flag could be a war company, artillery battery or officer's flag. Madaus sent, which I have, 9 pages of flags like this one showing comparisons between these First National Stars & Bars flags. it is also stated the small strip at the top & strip at the bottom of flag that is mission was cut as souvenirs by the captures which indicates the flag was in the field when captured. The 27th Maine regiment was assigned to defense of Washington. The regiments duty was at Arlington Heights, Va. , Hunting Creek & Chantilly. Part of the 27th including James M Stone after their enlistment was up stayed in defense of Washington during the Gettysburg Campaign & these soldier received the Congressional Metal of Honor.  According to another paper their contact with Confederate troops was during Mosby's raids against Washington. The flags size, method of attaching to pole (tacked) & the fact that it was souvenired would indicate that there is a possibility that it may have been captured during one of Mosby's cavalry raids. The flag, at some time, was very nicely framed in Gettysburg & plaque in the frame stating that the flag came from the effects of Lt. Col. James M. Stone 27th Maine. A really unique 1st National Stars & Bars Confederate flag which needs more research.