Dug Civil War Military Horse Bits, 14

Dug civil war military horse bits  14 files620170913 16621 rqztdf
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Nice Small collection of both Union & Confederate dug horse bits from mainly Georgia & Tennessee. There are 7 M1859 Union Horse bits, 1 with chain, 1 with US Rosette, 1 unique curved over bit. There is one Dragoon Bit, 1 US Artillery bit, 4 CS Troopers bits, 2 loose ring & early ornate horse bit found in Chattanooga, Tn. Each bit has tag when, Where & who found the bit. There are 3 bits found in Tennessee & 11 bits found in Georgia. These are all Civil War military bits except for the early, ornate bit found in Chattanooga, Tn. A nice collection of both US &CS Horse bits.