Dug, Old West, Colt SAA, Black Powder Revolver, Loaded

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Price: $1 350.00

Original, Dug, Black powder, Colt Single Action Army Revolver. Out of New Mexico, this colt Single action army  has 4 loads still in the cylinder. This army revolver looks to be .45 cal. & has gun fighter's 4" barrel even with the ejector housing. The ejector housings still has the original spring intact with lever. The revolver is completely frozen & is brown complete with pitting & rusting throughout as it was in the elements for many, many years.  The loading gate intact as is the hammer, cylinder, barrel, frame, ejector housing, lever & spiring Trigger guard assembly is there but the triggerguard is now very thin. Partial trigger intact. Backstrap is broken & has top part still intact attached to the frame. The mainspring is partially intact. The cylinder round at the hammer is fired. I can't make out any serial nos. but this army has the screw at the front of the frame showing it is a black powder revolver. This Colt SAA army has seen some heavy action at the time. I wish this revolver could talk it would have quite a tale as it was in the same state as the Kid ran in the old west. Don't see to many dug early dug Colt Single actions & even less that have loads still in the cylinder.