Dug, Old West Winchester M1873 Lever Action Rifle

A really neat dug second model 1873 Winchester lever action rifle. Stated to have been dug in Randall Co. Texas. Rifle looks to be a .44/40 cal. with a standard 24" octagon barrel. What is left of the rifle is 34" overall. Rifle looks to have been in action when it was lost. Hammer is full back & locked & chamber is forward to fire. This gun must have been in heavy action as the lever is broke all of the back stock was broken off. Full oct. barrel intact with original rear & front sights are intact. Loading tube is missing as well as front forearm. Side plates are still intact & are held together by the screw & can be moved to see the internal parts which are still intact. Ground action from being in the earth for a lot of years show well on this old west piece. These old 1873 Winchester rifles did a lot out in the old west from being used by outlaws, lawmen, against Indian attacks & also for hunting. This 73 Winchester rifle looks to have seen the elephant & then some. A real unique & historical M1873 Winchester Rifle.