Early, 1861 Dated Civil War Used Ames Contract, M1860 US Cavalry Sword/Scabbard

Desirable 1861 dated Ames M1860 light cavalry sword & scabbard definitely used in the Civil War. Standard M1860 Cav sword with 34 1/2" slightly curved blade with nice darker gray patina. Smooth blade with small amount of light pitting towards the tip of the blade. Blade is marked with Ames Mfg Co. Chickopee, Mass. on one side of the blade & on the other side marked US  A.D.K. (Gov't inspector) & 1861. Looks to have the worn original throat washer intact. Brass guard & pommel  has nice aged mellow patina Pommel cap is marked with GGS (G.G. Saunders, Gov't inspector). Blade peening has not been disturbed. Wood grip intact with around 80% original wrap. Small area on left side has worn off. All original twisted wire wrap intact. Steel scabbard in great condition with a few small use dents towards the drag. This early Ames US cavalry sword definitely saw action in the Civil War.